Friday, January 16, 2015

Restraint & humility (a small youtube treasure hunt)

In this post, I will simply guide you to a couple of the more interesting conducting videos I have come across on youtube. Each video touch on an important aspect of conducting.

"I am glad that noone could destroy my soul"

The seemingly ancient Kurt Masur, with some moving words on silence and childhood.
(at 2 min. 23 seconds in)

"More and more I less believe in what a conductor can do"

From Ricardo Muti - a master of restraint (if not exactly a master of the english language) - come wize words about letting musicians do what they do best, without meddling. I love this approach. The best conductors, conduct themselves 'out of the picture' so to speak. They are merely channels for the music and the musicians, not themselves more interesting or important than those that compose and play.

"Big promise, but it didn't happen"

As a contrast to Muti, here is a man of no restraint, Valery Gergiev. I admire his insane energetic output, and at the same time, I recognise how that conducting student must have felt at that moment that Gergiev took over. He no doubt left the podium feeling extremely insignificant. I always hated that feeling as a student in masterclasses.

Smug Dude

That look on his face at the very end means: "Did you guys see how good I was?"
I don't know why that bugs me, but it does to no end. That said, The Dude is one of the busiest, most popular conductors in the entire world, and I'm sort of a provincial nobody.

If you could magically create your dream conductor, but he/she could only posess one quality, he/she should preferably be...