Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deserted Island Conductors, it's a wrap.

Just a quick wrap-up of a poll I put up on the website a long time ago. About 50 people voted, most of whom I assume are classical music professionals (or afficionados). The results are very clear, and just confirm what I already knew. Carlos Kleiber is the man.

Here's what I find disturbing: only one person voted for Karl Böhm. Has he dissaperead into obscurity at this point?
Another remarcable tendency is that two of the most expensive and high-earning conductors in the world (Dudamel and Gilbert) get only one vote each. Also, no one voted for Lorin Maazel who used to top that list. To go with that surprise, the supposedly busiest conductor in the world (Gergiev) also gets only 2 votes. What gives?

Other results that surprise me:
- Leopold Stokowski apparently still has a fan base, despite being possibly the most out-of-fashion of all these candidates.
- Levine beats both Karajan and Toscanini. Is this because I have a lot of american readers?
- Munch should be higher up. Just sayin'

I'd love to know who you think was unjustly omitted. Or, if you have suggestions for another poll.

The complete list:
Since everyone was free to choose several candidates, the percentages are not of the total number of votes, but rather a percentage how many people included that conductor on their list.

Kleiber, Carlos 23 (46%)
Bernstein, Leonard 16 (32%)
Furtwängler, Wilhelm 9 (18%)
Celibidache, Sergiu 8 (16%)
Levine, James 8 (16%)
Karajan, Herbert von 7 (14%)
Abbado, Claudio 6 (12%)
Toscanini, Arturo 6 (12%)
Stokowski, Leopold 6 (12%)
Muti, Riccardo 5 (10%)
Metha, Zubin 5 (10%)
Rattle, Simon 5 (10%)
Munch, Charles 4 (8%)
Thielemann, Christian 3 (6%)
Strauss, Richard 3 (6%)
Gergiev, Valery 2 (4%)
Dudamel, Gustavo 1 (2%)
Ozawa, Seiji 1 (2%)
Böhm, Karl 1 (2%)
Gilbert, Alan 1 (2%)
Maazel, Lorin 0 (0%)

other... (unspecified) 18 (36%)


J V said...

I thought that Daniel Barenboim would qualify as someone unjustly omitted.

Jesper Nordin said...

Hmm...yes. I agree. I imagine quite a few people would justifiedly vote for him. I actually have no idea why I didn't include him originally...

Anonymous said...

I agree that Barenboim should have had some votes. Also: Jansons, Boulez, Szell, Solti, Reiner, Guilini, and if Strauss was listed, why not Mahler? I would have also included on my own personal list Salonen, Blomstedt, and Temirkanov.

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If you could magically create your dream conductor, but he/she could only posess one quality, he/she should preferably be...